September 5-7, 10am-4pm
King’s Mountain Art Fair Virtual Show

2009 Niche Awards Finalist, Twenty-One

2008 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Arts Awards,1st Place necklaces, Best of Competition, Nautillesque

2008 Atalaya Craft Show Huntington Beach, SC. 4th Place

2007 Saul Bell Awards, Finalist, Bead Category, Sigma Necklace

2007 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Arts Awards, Second Place, Blue Moon

2006 CraftArt, Award of Excellence

2005 MJSA American Vision Awards, Second Place, Silver Category, “Sole E Luna”

2005 Lapidary Journal, Jewelry Arts Awards
Best of Competition, “Il Segno”

2005 CraftArt, Award of Merit

2004 Lapidary Journal, Jewelry Arts Awards
First Place, Brooch category, “Sundial”

2004 AGTA Spectrum Awards, Platinum Honors, “Spirale” brooch.

Finalist, 2004 Niche Awards,”Vee” necklace.

First Place, 2003 Saul Bell Awards sponsored by Rio Grande. Silver Category, Large Triangle “Spyro” pendant.

CraftArt Tampa, 2002 Award of Exellence